#Pray for Nice / #Pray for France

Nissa La BellaThank you for your prayers for our church, for Nice and for France. There is a great need for comfort and assurance.

We continue to pray for the complete recovery of those wounded in the attacks in Nice and in St Etienne de Rouvray.

We pray the Lord would console the families of the victims.

We also pray for our political leaders, that God give them the wisdom to protect their citizens as much as possible.

Finally, we pray for all of our fellow countrymen, that they might meet the God of love, and that his passionate love for us would ignite our hearts with profound love for one another. Only God’s love can fill us, give us hope and banish fear.

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Alan and Sandra Gage are pastors of the Vineyard Church in Nice. Their passion is to help people discover the infinite love of God for them and to connect with God in a personal relationship that permeates every aspect of their lives.