Vineyard, Nice

Welcome to Vineyard Nice

*We are a family seeking to live a personal relationship with God and to receive his infinite and perfect love for us. We want to share that love in practical ways with those around us.

*God answers prayer today! We pray for spiritual, material and physical needs, including healing. God loves you and has a life of fulfillment in his presence in reserve for you.

*We gather together in homes to share, pray and worship the Lord.

*We work with the Association MIR for the distribution of meals to the poorest of the poor in the streets of Nice.

*In addition, on Sunday mornings, we meet on the colline du Château in Nice at 11 am to worship and honor the Lord.

*We are a church without doors and without walls, literally and in our hearts as well.  You can come as close as you want our keep your distance when you visit us on Sunday morning.  There are no walls to keep you out or doors to shut you in.  This corresponds to our conception of the church: a place where each person is free to be themselves. In addition, the only barrier that separates us from God is one that we put up. Jesus said: “Come to me all you who are weary and weighed down and I will give you rest”.

Translation in English can be provided for our meetings.

Es posible la traducción al español durante nuestras reuniones.

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